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       ChongQing Longdi plastic industry limited liability company was founded in 2010 April; is a new set of injection molding, spraying, mold production into one of the plastic products manufacturing enterprises; The company is located in the Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone Jinfeng electronic information industrial park, adjacent to Xi Yongwei Park, covers an area of more than 80 acres; The company's total budget of 18000 Millions yuan of investment, the registered capital of 1000 Millions yuan, investment 100 sets of injection molding equipment, plan in 2012 March all and finishing, the year after completion of the output value of 80000 Millions yuan, the total number of company employees more than 800 people.

      Now a project has been basically completed; possesses advanced computer injection molding machine 60T-2800T 32 injection molding machines, injection capacity of more than 25000 tons; The company currently has more than 250 employees, including professional and technical personnel more than 20 people, advanced title personnel 5 people

    Division I mainly for home appliances industry, IT and automobile industry to provide plastic products supporting services, customers located in Chongqing Haier, Gree, Medi, Broad, British industry, Samsung and other well-known enterprises.

      The company will focus on" integrity first, quality-oriented, pioneering and innovative, science and technology leader" concept to continue moving forward, to become the industry pioneer!

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